Provide Your Sales Team with the Tools They Need, Not The Ones You Need.

Build & Manage a Top-Performing Sales Team — Post #7

We as human beings are way too much in our heads and tend to forget the people around us and their needs.

When I was a sales rep myself I remember that my managers purchased one sales tool after the other. And, I must say they were great for their purpose. But, most of my colleagues and I hated all of the tools.

And, the reason was quite simple: they were made to help the management and make their lives easier. But, they added additional work for us sales reps.

When you look at the Salesforces of this world, you notice over and over again that they all focus on reporting. They’re basically built to tell sales strategists what’s working and what’s not. They show which sales rep is performing best and, obviously, also which one is not doing such a great job.

But, most of them create more work for sales reps; for the people who’re actually out there contacting potential clients and closing deals. But who thinks of helping them? Make their tedious jobs easier? Well, let’s take a look at 4 tools that changed my life as a sales rep because they were actually built for sales enablement.

And, if you think about it: as a sales manager, you want to enable your team, you want to help them to perform better. But, if you overload them with reporting and transparency tools that create more work for them, they’ll quickly lose motivation and they’ll spend important time that could use for outreach with other tasks.

So, don’t get me wrong, reporting is important. But, when you put more on your rep’s desk, make sure you also treat them with tools that’ll actually make their life easier!

Here are my favorite four tools that’ll make your team perform better.

#1 Resonaid — Automated Personalized Messages for Your Sales Outreach

I just love this tool. I use it daily because it actually provides me with personalized messages that I can send out to leads in a few clicks.

Every sales professional knows it. The times of standardized cold messages are a thing of the past. These days you won’t get anyone’s attention by copying and pasting the same message and sending it out to a ton of people.

Everything needs to be deeply personalized to stand out. But, who’s got the time for that? Personalizing a message means doing research on your prospect, preparing a message, and then actually writing it in a personal way. If you did that with every message, you’d barely send out 8 messages a day. But, does it need to be like that? No.

Resonaid is a smart solution that compares your LinkedIn profile to the LinkedIn profile of your lead. With this knowledge, it looks for commonalities and hooks and prepares individualized messages that you can modify or just send out.

Ever since I started using it, I started sending out 50 personalized messages in less than an hour. I urge you to try it out!

#2 SnapADDY — Capture Leads & Contacts Automatically

If there is one thing I truly dislike about sales it’s maintaining CRMs. Yes, Salesforce is great but it’s great for people who never need to use it. If you’re the one who’s sitting there day in day out reaching out to leads AND THEN needing to transfer all their data into a CRM, it’s the worst.

SnapAddy changes that. A simple browser plug-In that appears as a little button on LinkedIn profiles. With only one click, it copies all the data over into your CRM. In your outreach process, you don’t ever need to worry about doing any manual entries into Salesforce again. God bless the developers and founders behind it. Check out their 14-day free trial.

#3 Loom — Capture Leads & Contacts Automatically

If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you’ll know that I am a true believer in driving sales through real personal connections. I think the spark that inspired that thinking was Loom.

Loom is available as a stand-alone software or a browser plug-in. It allows you to make short screen recordings with a little circle that shows your face. And the cool thing is that they’re instantly ready to share.

Within just a few seconds you can create short screen recordings. You also have the option to have your webcam run at the same time and show your face as a little bubble in the corner of the screen. This allows you to create personalized videos that’ll surely stand out between boring text-heavy emails.

It’s most effective if you visit your lead's LinkedIn page during a screen recording and point out all the nice reasons why you’re reaching out. If you do it right, your leads will feel truly appreciated. There is simply no way that this doesn’t feel personal.

And, from my own experience, your leads might be blown away. It’s just different from every message they usually get.

Go give it a try!

#4 PhantomBuser — Automations for LinkedIn

If you do a lot of prospecting, you’ll love this tool. PhantomBuster has created a portfolio of various sales tools that help you automate tedious tasks.

For example, you can export entire LinkedIn search results into a spreadsheet in just a few clicks. You can scrape personal profiles for the information you’re looking for. Or, you can run a large-scale search on company profiles.

And it goes even further: In days where interacting with your prospects’ content is crucial but a lot of work, PhantomBuster provides you with solutions that auto-like posts or even post short replies.

Whenever you encounter a tedious task that doesn’t require a lot of brainpower but is just daunting, make sure to check out PhantomBuster’s website to figure out if they might have an automation solution for you.

Just be careful to not overuse it. LinkedIn gets smarter every day and might block your profile if detects that you’re using too much automation.

About the Author.

Teddy Lange is a co-founder at Resonaid and is responsible for business development and customer experience. Before joining Resonaid, he’s been a Sales Rep and Junior Sales Manager, and co-founded various companies. He has just finished his graduate degree in Public Policy with a focus on communication at Harvard University. Feel free to reach out to him at



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